The focus of this piece is on how the hierarchical system works with regards to giving permits to buildings that should not be allowed. The citizens of each locality have a duty to maintain and be proud of the area they live in, but in this case no one bats an eye with the atrocities that are being built all around Malta. Large plots of land that are meant to be common areas, as well as protected areas, are being handed out on a silver platter to developers. The government is pro building and doesn’t care about the amount of bio diversity that is being lost forever, as long as money is involved everything and anything can be approved. This all boils down to selfishness and greed.

The picture portrays a big fat man with a pig’s tail eating trees and excreting houses, this represents the government. To the right of the image are three women, one with covered eyes, the other with a covered mouth and the last with covered ears; this represents how a large majority of Maltese citizens do not voice their opinion and make a difference, choosing to turn a blind eye.



One Hit Wonder


Around three years ago, I was asked to draw multiple Christmas cards, the only way I could think of to go about doing so was through pen and water colour. The cards I created were 10cm/10cm and possess some simple and sweet illustrations of animals. The people I sent them to liked them so much that they commissioned me to draw several more so that they could give them to other people.



Seeing that these cards were quite a hit, I then created a Facebook page, “Hannah’s Handmade Cards” as well as an Instagram page, “hanshandmadecards” where I was constantly posting all the different card illustrations. For the following six months I was constantly posting and selling cards, making quite a bit of pocket money. Then, unfortunately,  the hype died down and so did my card making.

I still draw cards for family and friends, but that is as far as my one hit wander card business goes. :’)


Dystopia Concept


I have always been fascinated by alternative ideas of worlds, this includes various life forms and terrains. So I decided to create my own dystopian world with direct reference to the immorality of the world we live in. This includes dominance, indoctrination, religion and power in all forms. I created 20 gnomes in different gestural positions and a large flower with a face, made out of clay, followed by a drawing of a large monstrous creature, all representing different concepts. A few concept drawings can be seen below.



The big creature portrayed in my drawing below evokes the undiluted power found in just a handful of individuals around the world.This is done using pencil and ink.


The flower seen below is characterized by a face, which symbolizes the ambitions, aspirations, and desires of the gnomes, who represent the general public. This flower, despite its aesthetic appeal, acts as a parasite on the ground it grows on; damage to the environment is ultimately inevitable if one chooses to strive in life or in one’s career.


Hannah Work One(1)


The fat man asserts his power by consuming the flowers produced by the gnomes, either forcefully or with their consent. This is representative of how we allow these high-powered people or beliefs, to obliterate our dreams, by means of passivity and depletion of self-esteem.

Hannah Work Two(2)(1)

I would love to continue working on this concept, but time is an issue at the moment. I will definitely continue to build on this concept in the future.


Attempting to create an uncanny effect


When I sculpt, time stops and its just me the clay. During this process all I can think about is the clay residue on my hands and the image that I want to achieve.
The portrait sculpture itself is not meant to be a perfect, realistic depiction of a person, but instead quite the opposite. The eyes are not symmetrical and are quite small, the nose is very large in comparison its long face and it possesses no ears. This sculpture is gender-less.

This sculpture is still in its  early stages, the next step will be to fire and glaze it.

Domvs Romana

The Domvs Romana is a Roman-era house situated on the boarder of Mdina in Malta. This beautiful ruined house is filled with excavated artifacts dating back to the 1st century BC. The house is lavishly decorated with intricately designed mosaics that cover the floors. Behind this house are a few more ruins of other smaller settlements. Among these are smaller artifacts neatly displayed all through the pathway, as well as some beautiful large sculptures. Looking at these historical artifacts can make a person feel so small and insignificant, you end up wandering what the lives of these people were like and how they acted.


The floor mosaics possess great depth and repetition that could leave the viewer mesmerized for hours. This experience made me realize how insignificant our lives are, and what little time we have on this earth. The only way we can live on is through art and even that doesn’t always make it.


Westworld and The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley

The Uncanny Valley is a graph created my Masahiro Mori in the 1970’s, where he mapped out the how humans have an innate affinity towards human likeness, and turned it into a graph. He found out that the closer an object gets towards hyper-realism the more repulsed or even horrified a person gets. Mori explains he’s feelings towards wax figures, how they are highly realistic and retaining an uncanny aesthetic due to their eyes being constantly open, watching you. To some people this would be the peak point of the “uncanny valley”, the aesthetic the makes your skin crawl. This graph can be applied anything, including art, film, sculpture and literature. “Westworld” is a series that explains Mori’s concept perfectly.


The “Westworld” park is supposed to be a place where people can choose who they want to be and get away with murder, literally. All the people inside this park are robots that have an uncanny resemblance to humans, in looks and mannerisms. There are parts in the series when the robots are being assessed, here they are dehumanized loosing all human mannerisms, this changeover is so drastic that we suddenly find ourselves wandering how strange and almost scary they are. To create this effect, the special effects section would slightly tweek the eyes of the people acting as robots so as to make it more believable. In this series there is a lot of focus on the eyes, seeing as they are the main feature that a person empathises with, by manipulating them they automatically dehumanize the “robot”. This technique along with voice alterations and specific mannerism changes, create the ultimate uncanny effect.To me this series as a whole is a well thought out masterpiece that takes the viewer on an insanely uncanny journey.


(Life in her eyes)


(No life in her eyes)


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