Domvs Romana

The Domvs Romana is a Roman-era house situated on the boarder of Mdina in Malta. This beautiful ruined house is filled with excavated artifacts dating back to the 1st century BC. The house is lavishly decorated with intricately designed mosaics that cover the floors. Behind this house are a few more ruins of other smaller settlements. Among these are smaller artifacts neatly displayed all through the pathway, as well as some beautiful large sculptures. Looking at these historical artifacts can make a person feel so small and insignificant, you end up wandering what the lives of these people were like and how they acted.


The floor mosaics possess great depth and repetition that could leave the viewer mesmerized for hours. This experience made me realize how insignificant our lives are, and what little time we have on this earth. The only way we can live on is through art and even that doesn’t always make it.



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