Hey I’m Hannah,

I am Maltese Artist and focus on sculpting and drawing. I am very interested in understanding the way people feel towards an artwork and how to manipulate these feelings. My works tend to be rather absurd and sinister which is the way I have been expressing myself for very long time. In recent works I try to follow the theme of the uncanny where I manipulate the human figure and explore the strange aspects of the body.

I decided to peruse art as a subject when I started MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. After attending the college for five years, I still feel that I have a lot to learn and improve on before I can clearly state what direction I want to go into.

I have always felt that art is the best way to express my feelings on a social issue or even just to assess and portray my personal feelings. In order for me to grow artistically I intend on moving out of the country, wherever it may be, and experience new things with open and curious eyes.



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