When Attempting To Sleep In A Hospital Ward

A couple of weeks ago I was admitted into hospital for a couple of nights. My roomie then, was a ninety year old man with severe dementia (bless him), but as you can imaging there were lots of noses coming from his end, throughout the day and sometimes, well into the night. So as night fell, I obviously couldn’t sleep, 11pm.. 12am..1am..2am.. so I decided to start a drawing. probably not the best idea of illustration to be done in a hospital, at the early hours of the morning, when even the nurses are having their well deserved naps leaving the corridors completely soulless… I may have slightly scared myself when it was time to shut my eyes and turn of all the lights in my room in the ward, but it was worth it (even thought I do need a lot more practice).

nun p

(photoshop illustration- 17/12cm)


Wine Dining

Wine-Dining’, is a line drawing consisting of harsh lines and limited colour. This is one of the first few drawings that I had done on photoshop. wine dining

I became quite attached to this drawing, and decided to turn it into a gif. I thought that this movement captured that moment what you realises that you’ve had that one drink too many.

REAL Wine Dining

Dystopia Concept


I have always been fascinated by alternative ideas of worlds, this includes various life forms and terrains. So I decided to create my own dystopian world with direct reference to the immorality of the world we live in. This includes dominance, indoctrination, religion and power in all forms. I created 20 gnomes in different gestural positions and a large flower with a face, made out of clay, followed by a drawing of a large monstrous creature, all representing different concepts. A few concept drawings can be seen below.



The big creature portrayed in my drawing below evokes the undiluted power found in just a handful of individuals around the world.This is done using pencil and ink.


The flower seen below is characterized by a face, which symbolizes the ambitions, aspirations, and desires of the gnomes, who represent the general public. This flower, despite its aesthetic appeal, acts as a parasite on the ground it grows on; damage to the environment is ultimately inevitable if one chooses to strive in life or in one’s career.


Hannah Work One(1)


The fat man asserts his power by consuming the flowers produced by the gnomes, either forcefully or with their consent. This is representative of how we allow these high-powered people or beliefs, to obliterate our dreams, by means of passivity and depletion of self-esteem.

Hannah Work Two(2)(1)

I would love to continue working on this concept, but time is an issue at the moment. I will definitely continue to build on this concept in the future.

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