I had done this illustration a while back on adobe photoshop. It was created at a time when going out was not really on the agenda, I had not job, and staying in on the sofa became an everyday thing. So my mental state was not really at its best at this point. This illustration was meant to be more of an emotion or a feeling; something that I needed to allow myself to do. Break out of the rut I was in, get out of the house and have a life again.

dancing in the moonliht


When Attempting To Sleep In A Hospital Ward

A couple of weeks ago I was admitted into hospital for a couple of nights. My roomie then, was a ninety year old man with severe dementia (bless him), but as you can imaging there were lots of noses coming from his end, throughout the day and sometimes, well into the night. So as night fell, I obviously couldn’t sleep, 11pm.. 12am..1am..2am.. so I decided to start a drawing. probably not the best idea of illustration to be done in a hospital, at the early hours of the morning, when even the nurses are having their well deserved naps leaving the corridors completely soulless… I may have slightly scared myself when it was time to shut my eyes and turn of all the lights in my room in the ward, but it was worth it (even thought I do need a lot more practice).

nun p

(photoshop illustration- 17/12cm)

Wine Dining

Wine-Dining’, is a line drawing consisting of harsh lines and limited colour. This is one of the first few drawings that I had done on photoshop. wine dining

I became quite attached to this drawing, and decided to turn it into a gif. I thought that this movement captured that moment what you realises that you’ve had that one drink too many.

REAL Wine Dining


The concept of these two images stemmed from the ideas presented and explained in “STRANGE No. 1” and “STRANGE No. 2”. This last step in the process was a bit more challenging in that i drew the whole body instead of just the face. The work fits perfectly into the definition of uncanny, as this taps into fear. Freud explained that “an uncanny effect is often and easily produced when the distinction between imagination and reality is effaced, as when something that we have hither to regarded as imaginary appears before us in reality…”. This is something that has been research for many years, but then again everything is subjective to the individual viewing it.


boldy full different col bk


After producing “Jessica” and “Frank” (elaborated on in STRANGE No. 1) I then proceeded to paint small portraits using watercolour. These paintings were then scanned and put onto Photoshop where an overlaying technique was used and their opacity adjusted. The detailed facial features were concealed due to this technique, making one eager to figure out the actual appearance of the image.face3

face 5


Both drawings in “STRANGE No.1” were also used in this process.

The results:

exp4merge 2exp 1exp2


exp3 copy-Recovered

I was very happy with the results, I think they are interesting pieces in themselves.

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