The focus of this piece is on how the hierarchical system works with regards to giving permits to buildings that should not be allowed. The citizens of each locality have a duty to maintain and be proud of the area they live in, but in this case no one bats an eye with the atrocities that are being built all around Malta. Large plots of land that are meant to be common areas, as well as protected areas, are being handed out on a silver platter to developers. The government is pro building and doesn’t care about the amount of bio diversity that is being lost forever, as long as money is involved everything and anything can be approved. This all boils down to selfishness and greed.

The picture portrays a big fat man with a pig’s tail eating trees and excreting houses, this represents the government. To the right of the image are three women, one with covered eyes, the other with a covered mouth and the last with covered ears; this represents how a large majority of Maltese citizens do not voice their opinion and make a difference, choosing to turn a blind eye.



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